Chobani Intros Greek Yogurt For Kids

  • January 19, 2011
Leading Greek yogurt maker Chobani has launched a kids' product line, Chobani Champions -- named to convey "the potential of every child to be a champion in his or her own right."

 The low-fat yogurt features 100%-natural ingredients (no preserves) and comes in two flavors (Honey-Nana and VeryBerry).  It is being sold in four-packs of "kid-sized" 3.5-ounce cups, each with 100 calories, for $3.99.

To promote the launch, Chobani has launched a microsite ( where vistors can upload photos of their own children/"champions" for a chance to be selected as "Champion of the Month." Each winner will be featured on the home page for the following  month and win a case of yogurt and coupons.

Chobani has also introduced new flavors in its main line, including 2% Mango  0% Black Cherry and 0% Lemon.  The company's products are sold in Whole Foods Market and regional retailers across the U.S.



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