Just An Online Minute... This Week: Whiskey, Women, And Words

This Week, In Just An Online Minute, New York

"Wine, Women, and Song" is one of my favorite Harvey Danger tracks.  If I tweak it a little bit, it is also the background music to my week: whiskey, women, and words.

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To keep in the song theme, I will be presenting this week to you out of order, which plays to the supporting theme of this week, inspired by Facebook and Twitter status updates highlighting some mutant cold/flu bug infecting everyone in the Northeast. Everyone seems out of order this week.

Whiskey: The Macallen is celebrating the travels of their oak casks "through the Spanish forests to the Highlands of Scotland" in a one-night-only photography exhibit at Milk Studios.  This edition features photographer Albert Watson, a scruffy Scottish creature. Campaigns that sneak through photography exhibits are the cleverest.  One minute, the hapless consumer is ooing and ahhing over the beautiful black-and-white masterpieces -- and the next minute they're belly up, clutching a single malt.  Clever.



Women: iVillage, a lady-focused online community (who held a lovely dinner last year), is hosting a breakfast to share their propriety research, "The Community Factor."  This little bit of research delves into women and the trust they have in online communities.   I hope you're as intrigued as I am about the topic.  I hope the coffee is strong, my status as a morning person is still at "it's complicated" -- and that it quickly swings to "it's over" if coffee doesn't exist.

Words: Another book party! Sort of!  More like a books party.  800CeoRead, whose logo no longer looks like a telephone number, is honoring the best in biz books in 2010.  I hope everyone gets a copy of each, since one of my 2011 goals is to read more and save money on books.  I feel like I might see some of you at this event.  Will I?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go back to watching the livestream of OMMA Video in San Francisco.  

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