Hyundai Promotes 2011 Elantra During AFC Championship Game

If pigs can fly, than sheep can drive. Small children and sheep are the stars of two Hyundai TV spots running throughout Sunday's AFC Championship game, promoting the 2011 Elantra.

The campaign, created by Innocean Worldwide, depicts consumer complacency toward compact cars by using kids and animals to encourage drivers to "Snap Out of It." Old, compact cars are driven throughout cites, with sheep behind the wheels. "Maybe car companies keep making boring cars because people keep buying them," reads copy, interspersed between sheepish drivers. See the ad here.

Kids play with miniature cars, ride in tight-fitting toy cars and sleep in undersized racecar beds to illustrate the feeling of riding in a cramped compact car. Watch it here.

Two additional in-game ads will support the 2011 Sonata. The four ads pave the way for Hyundai's fourth consecutive year as a Super Bowl advertiser. Hyundai will run three ads during the big game.



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