Thomson Reuters Campaign Touts 'Knowledge'


Knowledge, it has been said, is the key to power. And in the Information Age, sorting through all of the various sources of information to gain that knowledge is gaining in importance.

Thomson Reuters, which distributes information for a multitude of industries, including legal, healthcare and financial services, is positioning itself as the leading source of useful information through a new brand campaign.

The campaign, which employs the theme "The Knowledge Effect," is intended to illustrate the ways in which the company's services have been used to provide the right information at the right time to give an advantage or benefit, such as giving hospitals the data and analytics to cut costs while decreasing mortality rates or helping a scientist create data-gathering robotic fish to gauge water pollution.



"What professionals need [is] highly qualified, customizable information," Gus Carlson, chief marketing officer for Thomson Reuters, tells Marketing Daily. "Their challenge is not [not] getting information. In fact, there's too much out there. The challenge is to capture that information, boil it down and give them what they need."

One animated vignette tells the story of how police used information from the company's CLEAR investigative platform to narrow suspects in solving a Texas abduction case when time was of the essence. "The extensive search [of public records] included a single clue to break the case: a P.O. Box," the video narration says. The video goes on to state that the "right information, in the right hands, leads to amazing things."

"The Knowledge Effect is the next step in the intelligent information world," Carlson says. "It's a storytelling platform that allows people to see what our customers can do with intelligent information."

In addition to traditional media, the campaign features a large digital component, including digital display, iPad applications, social marketing and a dedicated Knowledge Effect microsite, which will be updated with campaign elements and stories regularly, Carlson says. "The digital space is better for this type of storytelling," he says. "It's easily refreshable. You can update it quickly."

The campaign, created by Ogilvy Worldwide and Interbrand, is launching in three key markets -- New York, Toronto and London -- this week. It is specifically timed to coincide with the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. "The most important conversations in business are going on there," Carlson says. "What better place to start the conversation about us?"

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