iAd Not Much Of An Ad Fad

The Apple iPad and iPhone may have captivated consumers and the tech trade press, but Apple's mobile iAd platform still doesn't rank particularly high in the minds of most advertisers, according to a new survey of ad agencies by Strata. The findings were especially noteworthy because of the stark contrast with the devices themselves, which have definitely captured advertisers' interest.

There's no question that Apple devices cut a high profile among ad agencies and clients, according to the Strata survey, with 80% of agencies saying they're interesting in advertising on the iPhone, and 31% expressing interest in the iPad.

But at the same time, 90% of ad agency respondents said their advertising clients had not asked them to execute campaigns using iAd -- which allows advertisers to create and deliver ads alongside apps downloaded from Apple's mobile app store -- or other new platforms, such as Apple TV and Google TV.

Turning to other media categories, the Strata survey held few surprises, with 79% of agencies saying they will use Facebook in their social media campaigns, followed by Twitter with 46%.



However, TV still gets the lion's share of attention, with 44% of advertisers saying it is their most important medium, followed by online, mobile and other digital, at just over 21%. At the same time, 78% of respondents said digital was getting more attention this year than previously.

Asked about the general business environment, 51% of agency respondents said their business is increasing, while one quarter expect clients to spend more on advertising in 2011. The first figure is close to the results of a separate survey by Alterian, which found that 49% of agency and marketing services respondents expect business to increase in 2011.

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