Movie Advertisers OK With MTV's 'Skins'


Scared away from possible content issues over MTV's new hit show "Skins" in its premiere episode, the advertisers in the second episode were the usual ad clients: movies, video games, and program promos.

Many big-name consumer products company abandoned the show after its premiere, including Taco Bell, Wrigley, General Motors, Schick, H&R Block and others, when controversy ensued.

Movies were the dominant category in this show's second airing. Fully 16 commercials ran for upcoming movies -- mostly for February premieres.

There were two runs each for "No Strings Attached" from Paramount Pictures (a Viacom Company that also owns MTV); "The Mechanic" from CBS Films; "Just Go With It" from Sony Pictures Entertainment/ Columbia Pictures; "I Am Number 4" from Buena Vista/Dreamworks; and "The Roommate," a Sony Pictures Entertainment/Screen Gems.



There was also one commercial each for "The Eagle," Focus Features; "Unknown," Warner Bros.; "Sanctum," Universal Pictures; "Drive Agency," Summit Entertainment; "The Rite," Warner Bros; and "From Prada to Nada," Lionsgate.

Other advertisers in the second episode of the series included young-skewing soft drink Red Bull; blemish medication, Zeno Hot Spot; skin product (direct response), Celtrixa (direct response); Tax Act; DirecTV's NBA League Pass; and Playstation 3/Visceral Games video game "Dead Space 2."

Media agency executives say consumer products companies are typically the most sensitive when it comes to content issues. But movies, video games and other entertainment-oriented marketers -- as well as direct-response advertisers -- are usually less concerned over content. Other executives say consumer product companies are easier marks when it comes to community protest over possible marketing and sponsorships.

In "Skins," there is heavy suggestive sexual content. But there were other concerns -- especially whether MTV was breaking some Federal laws when it came to child pornography because many of the performers are underage. Reports suggest MTV executives have been concerned about the series content, and have made quick changes for upcoming episodes.

MTV's "Skins" in its premiere episode took in a healthy 3.3 million viewers and 2.7 million in its key 12-34 demographic. "Skins" second episode's rating was half of its first outing -- 1.6 million viewers on Monday, down from a big 3.3 million. In its core demographic, 12-34, it also lost steam -- posting a 1.35 rating. A week ago it had a 2.87 rating.

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