P&G Sleepwalks With Downy and Macy's

  • January 26, 2011

Procter & Gamble and Macy's have partnered to promote Macy's sheets and Downy April Fresh. The program centers on a "Clean Sheet Week" Challenge and features comedian Mike Birbiglia. His one-person show and subsequent book, Sleepwalk With Me, detail his propensity to sleepwalk without the ability to prevent himself from doing things like walking through plate glass windows. He, will, in fact sleep in a window display at the Macy's Herald Square flagship store in New York City for a week starting Jan. 26. He will actually spend both days and nights in the display.

People who buy sheets at Macy's also get Ultra Downy April Fresh, and there will be major events in five markets, nationwide in-store promotional displays, broadcasts on the Macy's JumboTron at the Herald Square store, and other elements, according to the company. People will be able to chat with Birbiglia through his Twitter account (@BirBigs) and the Downy and Macy's Facebook pages.

Macy's says some 200 of its stores will have Downy window displays featuring "Clean Sheet Week" messaging. Additionally, 650 Macy's stores nationwide will hand out a special, limited-time only Downy gift with purchases of any sheets.

There will be events at Macy's in Chicago, San Francisco, Houston and Miami, with live entertainment and giveaways.



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