Akoo Expands University Presence


Akoo, which operates an interactive, digital out-of-home video network reaching college dining halls and mall food courts with "social TV," has expanded to a number of new college campuses across the U.S. -- including some of the nation's largest schools.

The social TV network, which allows viewers to choose from music videos and other entertainment content, is now operating in dining halls at Ohio State University; the University of California, Santa Barbara; the University of North Florida; Tennessee Tech University; California State University, Stanislaus; Lindenwood University; Austin Peay State University; Morehead State University; the University of Pittsburgh; and California State University, Dominguez Hills.

OSU's Columbus campus had a total of about 52,500 students enrolled in 2010; UCSB, about 22,000; UNF, about 16,000; Tennessee Tech, 8,200; CSU Stanislaus, about 8,800; Lindenwood, 15,000; APSY, 10,500; Morehead SU, 8,800; U of Pittsburgh, 26,000; and CSU Dominguez Hills, 13,000.



While not all of these students may live on campus or eat in the college dining halls, this represents a potential audience of over 180,000 undergraduate and graduate students, the vast majority of whom are between the ages of 18 and 34.

Akoo also released the results of a study describing the viewing habits and demographic characteristics of its college audience, based on a sample of 15 schools across the county. It found that students ages 18-34 watch Akoo programming for over 14 minutes on average, when they visit a dining hall or other location with Akoo programming (which also include rec centers and student unions). One in five watched for 21 minutes or more. 89% of on-campus viewers are between the ages of 18 and 24.

Separately, the company claims to reach 90 million consumers per month through its DO network in mall food courts.

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