Monster Media Creates 3D OOH Division


Monster Media, which creates highly visible digital out-of-home advertising displays on the sides of buildings, storefronts, malls and mass transit, is responding to growing demand for 3D out-of-home projection by forming a new division, Monster Media 3-D.

According to the company, the new 3D division will "create larger-than-life illusions featuring elaborate effects and digital animations that bring a building's exterior to life."

The division will be headed by Jack Hattingh, who has over 30 years of experience in the film industry and received a National Emmy in 2003. Describing the technology used by Monster Media 3-D, Hattingh stated: "Onlookers can witness an entire building virtually transform before their eyes. These massive, live animation shows fluidly morph a building's exterior and capture the attention of pedestrians in a way that is impossible to ignore."

The 3D projections have the additional benefits of avoiding some of the costs associated with other types of large-scale outdoor displays, like installing and removing vinyl building wraps (a format also offered by Monster).

Last year saw the introduction of spectacular outdoor 3D projection advertising in Europe and Asia, with a huge display in Amsterdam promoting Samsung and another display in Singapore advertising BMW. In Amsterdam, the Samsung projection created the vivid illusion that a building was collapsing to reveal a tropical jungle filled with colorful butterflies within. The Singapore BMW promo was a dynamic installation, which highlighted the technology's versatility by sweeping across two buildings and an intersection.


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