CBS Rebrands Cable Outlet As CBS Sports Network


Setting the stage for it to expand beyond college sports, CBS said it would re-flag its cable sports outlet as CBS Sports Network. It had been CSTV when the company bought it. Three years ago, it became CBS College Sports Network.

CBS recently brought in former ESPN executive David Berson, who has vast experience across sports programming, to run the network. That move created speculation that an expansion of the channel's scope was coming.

The network is in 40 million homes, with the re-branding to happen in April as March Madness ends on CBS.

The switch will have the network looking to "more closely align" with other CBS properties, such as Showtime's sports offerings, which include "Inside the NFL," "Inside NASCAR" and boxing, and Web site

(It remains interesting whether Versus will take on an "NBC Sports" brand now that both are part of Comcast.)



Last week, CBS said that Sean McManus, longtime head of its sports operations and former news chief, would become chairman of CBS Sports, signaling there may be an increased focus on the cable network. McManus stated that CBS Sports Network will allow the company to "create more programming opportunities and expand our viewer base."

The network covers 15 men's and women's college sports and offers more than 250 live events a year. CBS bought CSTV in early 2006 and gave it the "CBS College Sports" moniker two years later.

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