'Sporting News,' Zumobi Strike Apps Deal


Sporting News has struck a long-term deal with mobile app developer and ad network Zumobi to create a series of apps covering all major professional and college sports.

The companies have already collaborated on a half dozen apps for the iPhone and Android, most recently the Sporting News NCAA and Pro Basketball apps for the Apple's iOS platform and Android.

Those projects have been on a one-off basis to date. The new agreement signals a more substantial commitment by Sporting News to expanding its mobile presence. In addition to app development, Zumobi operates an in-app ad network to monetize titles with rich media ad units and sponsorship opportunities.

The publisher's new Pro and NCAA Basketball apps, for instance, launched with an integrated campaign for the Ford F150. Other marketers that have used Zumobi's ad platform include Mercedes-Benz, Unilever, Southwest Airlines, HP and Best Buy.



Zumobi splits ad revenue with publishers 50/50.

Sporting News apps typically include features such as news, scores, video, push notification and the ability to customize apps to track favorite teams and sports conferences and divisions. The five Sporting News iPhone apps covering sports such as pro and NCAA football, Major League Baseball and NASCAR have, on average, earned three-star ratings (out of five stars).

The company has also created a magazine-style Sporting News Today app for the iPad, providing more than 30 pages of content a day for $2.99 a month. Sporting News competes on smartphones and tablets with publishers such as ESPN and Sports Illustrated, which have also created multiple apps in the category.

Through their partnership, Zumobi and Sporting News are looking at expanding onto other tablets beyond the iPad and additional operating systems besides iOs, Android and Palm's webOS.

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