Kenmore Reality Show Centers On Design


Kenmore is diving deeper into the Internet video production world, creating a new reality show, "So You Wanna Be a Designer," that depicts budding designers trying to gain a foothold in the fashion industry.

Through the six-week show, which will be produced out of the brand's Kenmore Live Studio in downtown Chicago, the contestants will learn how to create and launch a fashion brand, how to price, present and promote their designs, while also gaining exposure to top designers, stylists and photographers. Episodes of the series will run on the brand's Facebook page.

"We're trying to emphasize to a new generation of cooks, fashionistas, moms, dads, couples and homeowners that the Kenmore brand is no longer what you saw in your grandmother's laundry room. It's a modern brand with designer touches and features that put it head and shoulders above the competition while staying true to the brand's tradition of reliability and quality," Richard Goldsmith, Kenmore's social media manager, tells Marketing Daily in response to emailed questions. "This show gives us a platform to do that while providing great entertainment value and rewarding some amazing talent with a chance to shine."



Hosted by Chicago designer Debbie Yagel, the show's contestants will be presented with challenges (such as field trips, meetings and appearances) every Tuesday, with their completed designs to be showcased during the live Thursday night episodes (which begin at 7 PM CT). During the time between the challenge and presentation, the contestants will be required to spend two hours at the Studio interacting with Yagel and each other. Those two hours will be live-streamed. The winner will receive $20,000 and a set of Kenmore Elite laundry appliances.

Though the company has been producing video content out of its Kenmore Live Studio consistently for the past year, "So You Wanna Be a Designer" is the brand's first stab at an episodic show, Goldsmith says. "It has been a lot of fun seeing what our audience reacts to the most, and even more fun demonstrating the dramatic changes that our products have gone through via these shows," he says. "We're drawing in a new generation of Kenmore fans that are some of the most savvy consumers in history. These shows allow us to reach them in a more genuine way -- entertaining and getting our message out there for all to see."

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