Appropriately, Chevy Volt Wins Edison Gold

  • April 6, 2011
The General Motors unit won an Edison Award gold medal on Tuesday evening at a New York event. The automaker's OnStar Mobile App won the silver award as the 2011 Best New Product in the Transportation in the Remote Driving Aids Segment. In the Volt, the app allows users to control vehicle charging functions and view charge level, electricity rate tables and electric vehicle data, along with other features.

The Edison Gold Medal for the Volt honors the vehicle as world's first electric vehicle with extended range capability. The car also took Motor Trend, Automobile Magazine and Green Car of the Year awards, Popular Science Best of What's New and Ward's 10-Best Engine designations awarded earlier.

The official blurb on the Edison Awards is that they are voted on by 2,000 members of the not-for-profit Marketing Executives Networking Group, America's top executives and academics. Nominations are based on "societal impact, marketplace innovation, marketplace success and market structure innovation of new products launched in the past year."



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