Captiva: 27 Days And Counting

As of today, we're  27 days away from the kick-off of the Search Insider Summit on Captiva Island, Fla. Yesterday, after several weeks of going through pitches, we locked down the agenda.  

As I mentioned a few weeks back, we're trying to put a little more vertical in our perspective for this summit, taking our view to a higher level than is typical at most search-based conferences. The theme is Re:Invention, with sessions on the Re:Invention of Marketing, Organizations, Customers, the Search Experience and pretty much everything else.  

The format is the same we field-tested last spring -- think TED for Search.  In total we have 39 sessions spread over the 3 days, ranging from 10 to 20 minutes each. I've asked presenters to be thought-provoking, future-focused -- and, if appropriate, even controversial. For those three days, we'll ponder how everything we know may be reinvented in the very near future and what it means for each of us.



We've worked to bring different perspectives to the stage. We have publishers speaking (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Facebook will all be there), as well as agencies, academics (Wharton and Ball State) and a few vendors. But we also have marketers. In fact, almost 20% of our agenda is marketers talking specifically about their experiences and their view of the future, including presenters from IBM, 3M and Logitech. 

Over the next few columns (with the exception of next week, but more on that then), I'm going to spotlight some of the presentations that will take the stage at Captiva:

Sharon Drew Morgen: Buying FacilitationTM: A New Sales Paradigm

I met Sharon Drew Morgan (virtually) last year and was instantly astonished by the clarity of her view of the sales process. Sharon has been working on understanding the decision process of buyers for most of her professional life. Her Buying Facilitation approach is one of those astoundingly logical frameworks that almost everyone overlooks. I guarantee it will forever change how you think about marketing, nurturing and sales. 

Roger Dooley: Neuromarketing: The Brain on "Buy" is one of my "must read" blogs. Its author, Roger Dooley, has been covering the science of neuromarketing pretty much from day one.  We share a fascination for how the brain works, especially in a marketing context. Roger will bring us up to speed on where neuromarketing is at these days, and speculate on how it might reinvent marketing in the future. 

Aaron Goldman, Craig Danuloff and Matt Lawson - The Slippery Slope of Privacy 

These are actually three presentations with one common theme: What are the implications of privacy, and how will it impact advertising? Fellow Search Insider (and rapper) Aaron Goldman kicks off with exploring the differences between privacy and personalization. Then Craig Danuloff unpacks a fascinating idea we chatted about recently at another show: how might your digital "footprint" change the way we look at personalized marketing? Finally, Marin's Matt Lawson explores Apple's view of privacy, a timely conversation considering how intimate we're getting with the company's various devices. 

Of course, as with every Summit, it's not so much what happens on the stage as what happens off it that defines the value of the show. Count on departing Saturday feeling challenged and better connected than ever.

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