Boost Leverages Satisfaction In New Campaign


For many, a wireless provider is a necessary evil. People want their cell phones and access, but they're not overly pleased with the results.

Boost Mobile, which recently had the highest satisfaction rates among prepaid wireless companies in a J.D. Power & Associates study, is bringing those frustrations to life in a new advertising and marketing campaign that encourages people to "Be Heard."

"In 2009, when Boost launched 'Unwronged,' we embarked on a mission to right many of the wrongs in wireless," Bob Stohrer, vice president of marketing for Boost Mobile, tells Marketing Daily. "'Be Heard' is an acknowledgement that Boost is continuing to listen to its core consumers -- who often times don't feel as though they are heard or recognized."

The effort takes actual Twitter complaints people have regarding their cell phone companies and puts them into action. A television spot, from Boost agency 180 Los Angeles, shows a man in fast motion moving from occupation to occupation, from cab driver to construction worker to office drone to window washer and finally to janitor. At the end of the spot, a Tweet pops up reading: "How many jobs do I need to pay a cell phone bill?" The spot ends with a voiceover explaining Boost's "shrinkage" plan, which reduces costs for on-time payments, and the phrase "We hear you."



"Nowadays, consumers have many ways to express their feelings. More so than ever, they can publicly state their opinions and frustrations," Stohrer says. "That said, many people still feel like their voices are not being heard. The new tagline is meant to let consumers know that we're paying attention and are intent on helping them get to where they want to go."

A digital element, breaking next month, takes these complaints even further. The tool, called the "Aggravator," scours the Internet as an online aggregator looking for comments about the wireless industry, and displays them in banner ads. The comments will explore people's frustration with their wireless carriers.

"It puts the whole angry conversation in one place so consumers can actually see how Boost is listening to what they are saying," 180 Senior Copywriter Dave Horton says. "For those looking for a more specific category -- like phones, service, contracts -- we have a toolbar that allows them to parse the conversation to more easily find what they're looking for."

The "Be Heard" effort is an extension of Boost's previous "Unwronged" campaign, which took different images (such as a baby with a man's head) to illustrate the "wrongs" wireless carriers commit against their customers, says 180 Senior Art Director Matthew Woodhams-Roberts. "'Unwronged' laid the groundwork for Boost as a straight-talk company by calling out specific wrongs that Boost identified in the wireless industry," he says. "'Be Heard' is a natural evolution of that by allowing the gripes and frustrations to come straight from the consumers. It sets Boost up as the ultimate consumer advocate in an industry that sorely needs one."

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