Auto Sales In Emerging Markets Pass Mature Markets

  • April 18, 2011
China is leading the charge of emerging markets' share of global light-vehicle sales. J.D. Power and Associates says sales from emerging markets has surpassed that of economically mature regions.

"This marks a new world order with respect to global automotive sales," said John Humphrey, SVP of automotive operations at J.D. Power. "Mature markets like the United States, Western Europe and Japan are only expected to return to pre-recessionary sales levels by 2015, and during that period they will be overshadowed by exponential growth in China, India, Brazil and Russia. With China at the forefront, emerging markets have overtaken mature markets, and will continue to be the primary source of growth for the sector going forward."

 Last year light-vehicle sales in emerging markets comprised 51% of global sales. The firm says share of emerging markets will increase steadily to 60% in 2015. By far those will be lead by China, where by 2015 29 million units will be sold, with the U.S. a distant second at 16.5 million units.



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