3D Net Promotes 3D Technology Via 'Qube'


A new 3D network may have found a way to get the audience to spread the word about the benefits of 3D: a show about 3D. Airing monthly on 3net, "In the Qube" focuses on facets such as films, games and technology.  

Nicole Dabeau, who has worked with "Entertainment Tonight" and E!, is the host on the 24/7 3net, owned by Discovery, Sony and IMAX. Sony Pictures Television is a producer on the show.

3net is rolling out slowly as operators consider how many 3D channels to carry. The network is available on DirecTV, which has been aggressive in the space, establishing its own 3D network even as rollout of 3D TVs has been modest.

The "In the Qube" brand has been used in other markets.

The debut episode focused on 3D films coming this summer and profiled the latest 3D Blu-ray players and TV sets. There were also segments on 3D games and content, such as extreme skiing and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar.

3net, which launched in mid-February, has begun production on a four-part special about the Civil War, scheduled for the fall. The network has also taken advantage of Imax's library, broadcasting "NASCAR 3D: The Imax Experience."



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