Study: High-Tech Gifts Hot For Mother's Day


Electronic gifts for Mother's Day are at the top of many shopping lists, according to a Brand Keys survey, which also forecasts a 5% spending increase.

Total spending is estimated to reach $15.7 billion, with gift-givers intending to spend an average of $148 this year. Men -- following a long-time pattern -- intend to spend more than women, reporting an anticipated average spend of $176. Women reported an anticipated spend of $120.

Mother's Day has become a universal holiday, according to Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys founder and president. People are feeling better about the economy and about the future, he says. And while there are still times where consumers watch their wallets, this year Mother's Day isn't one of them.

"In the absence of any meaningful product/service differentiation, consumers will, of course, still go for the deal," Passikoff tells Marketing Daily. "But brands that are able to delight the consumer better meet -- even exceed -- expectations are able to duck that bullet. Those brands serve as a surrogate for added value, something the consumer is always willing to pay for. I would point out that there's never a sale at Tiffany's."



Along with the traditional cards (greeting and gift), candy and clothing, consumers have turned their focus to electronics this year. People are still shopping smarter and looking for bargains, but this year, high-tech products are the gift of choice with shoppers indicating that they are going to buy electronic book readers (25%), tablets (19%), smartphones (15%), computers (9%) and cameras (6%).

Brand Keys, Inc., the New York City-based brand and customer loyalty research consultancy, polled 5,000 men and women, ages 18-60.

Cards will be given by 97% (unchanged from last year), while flowers at 70% are up 1%. brunch/lunch/dinner is on the agenda for 58% (+1%), while gift cards will be purchased by 58% (+2%). Clothing at 36% (+4%) and jewelry at 25% (unchanged) remain popular, but electronics at 20% is up 10%. Rounding out the items on the shopping list are spa services at 17% (+2%), books at 15% (-7%) and candy at 5% (unchanged).

As for shopping venues: Discount, specialty and online stores are all up 5%. Department stores and catalogs remain unchanged from last year.

Another survey, conducted by Toumna for Aliso Viejo, Calif.-based, shows that spa days and gift cards are the most desired Mother's Day gift. However, moms over age 55 are looking for computer upgrades, it says, which gels with the Brand Keys survey.

Over one-third of shoppers (35%) will find out from mom what she wants before shopping. In the survey of more than 1,000 adults, which included nearly 200 moms, a day at the spa ranked as moms' top gift (23%), followed by gift cards (20%). Moms over age 55 ranked gift cards (38%) followed by a new computer (25%) as the most desired presents. Flowers were ranked as their "least desired" gift overall (22%).

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