truTV Offers 'Repo' Episode Via Facebook


As networks search for ways to build engagement through Facebook, Turner's truTV has a novel tactic: a bonus episode. After receiving a major uptick in "Likes" for the show page, the network will offer visitors an added episode of "Operation Repo" late Wednesday.

The Turner network challenged viewers to boost the number of "Likes" to more than 500,000 by the end of April. With the number now at close to 540,000, truTV will make a new episode accessible on Facebook, after the first part of "Repo's" eighth season ends.

The network said it has created the full episode for the page. It was not clear if it would also air on the network or be available on its Web site.

Full episodes of "Repo" are available at truTV's Web site. TruTV uses the Facebook page as it would a show microsite -- with available clips and other content ripe for interactivity.

The Facebook stunt was an "example of how truTV is able to activate its very loyal and engaged fan base," stated Mary Corigliano, senior vice president of brand strategy and digital content/multiplatform development.

"Repo" follows a repossession team that will confiscate items -- from luxury boats to planes -- if an owner fails to make payments.



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