TV Guide Network Launches Original Series


TV Guide Network will launch two shows looking to capitalize on the seemingly endless celebrity fascination. Based on the Web site "Gossip Cop," an eponymous series will examine whether the tabloids have it right, while another unnamed show will take a "comedic look" at celebrity fashion.

"Gossip Cop" executive producers include former VH1 executive Michael Hirschhorn and Dan Abrams, a co-founder of the namesake Web site, who also works as a legal analyst for ABC News.

A third new show, serving as a guide to entertainment, will be produced by Michael Davies, who was behind the one-time phenomenon "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire."

The TV Guide Network, which is in 80 million homes, is planning to drop its traditional bottom-screen scroll from all homes.

The network, which airs re-runs of "Weeds" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm," will also offer a four-part mini-series in the celebrity crime genre. It carries the working title "Hollywood Crimes and Misdemeanors" and examines crimes ranging from Winona Ryder's shoplifting to the murder of Lana Turner's husband and the OJ Simpson case. The mini-series is scheduled for an August debut.



Also coming this fall is the four-part mini-series "Icons and Innovators" (working title), in which TV Guide Network and TV Guide magazine team up to cover TV's favorite icons of the past with their contemporary counterparts. It's history-in-the-making when the stars of current TV series sit down with the TV legends who inspired them to get into "the business." The network and magazine have separate owners.

A third mini-series also scheduled for the fall, currently called "Moments That Changed TV Forever," focuses on "milestone events" in TV history such as Ellen's coming-out kiss.


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