Jenny Craig Plays Scrooge

  • December 27, 2002
Jenny Craig, Inc. is taking “a more aggressive marketing approach than usual” this diet season with two new ads that launch on Thursday, December 26. New print and television ads carry themes such as "Want to change your underwear this year?" and "Have you supersized yourself?" In addition, Jenny Craig enhanced its traditional success story television ads by targeting a broader demographic and incorporating energetic background music -- Patti LaBelle's classic tune, "New Attitude." The underwear ad features a twist on before-and-after pictures popular in the weight loss industry. It shows a large pair of underwear next to a skimpy thong on a clothesline and asks, "Want to change your underwear this year? Call Jenny Craig." The second ad is a shot of a typical large fast-food hamburger, french fries and soda order and asks, "Have you supersized yourself? Call Jenny Craig." Doner is JC’s agency of record.
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