Chrysler Tries For Online Transparency

  • May 16, 2011
Chrysler Group is going for online transparency with its web ads. The company will use an in-ad and web site notification via Evidon that lets consumers know how their information is being used and how they were targeted from their web-browsing activity.

The system lets consumers opt-out of letting Chrysler use their data for behavioral advertising. Chrysler Group is the first domestic auto manufacturer to sign up as an early adopter of this technology.

"The notification system has been set in place to make consumers aware of how their information is being gathered and used in the online advertising process, said Susan Thomson, Chrysler Group's head of media, in a statement. "This system will empower consumers to decide if they want to opt-out of behaviorally targeted advertising or continue to have these tailored advertisements marketed directly to them."

Online ads from each of Chrysler's divisions will have an "Ad Choices" blue icon in a corner. When a consumer clicks on the icon, a window pops up with info about how the ad was matched based on his or her browsing activity. It also shows an information grid that allows the consumer to find out more information or opt-out of future behavioral advertising.

Similarly, each Chrysler Group brand has placed a notice in the footer of each of its brand's web sites providing the consumer with similar information and the option to opt-out.



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