Lyman Heads Publicis Modem's LG Mobile Work


Publicis Modem San Francisco just named Alex Lyman as its new vice president and creative director on the global LG Mobile account. Is there room for improvement in LG Mobile's digital marketing strategy?

"With any marketing plan there always needs to be a clear and concise voice that is represented through every aspect of marketing," Lyman explained. "With digital, there's so many different ways to have a voice -- new social platforms constantly evolving and changing -- that if you're not careful it becomes very disparate. That is a goal for not only myself but for LG: How to make sure that the voice is always consistent, no matter where or how it's told."

Lyman comes from Goodby Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco, where he developed creative for Adobe and HP as associate creative director and senior art director.



At Publicis Modem -- the digital specialist arm of Publicis Worldwide -- Lyman will also contribute to business development, both for Publicis Modem San Francisco and in partnership with Publicis & Hal Riney.

From Facebook to Twitter, regarding the industry's current obsession with platforms, Lyman said: "As clients become more familiar with the idea of social platforms as a way to talk to people and have a conversation with them, we'll see the platform preference become a more holistic preference, enabling that conversation through all areas and platforms."

Among all clients, what's the biggest misunderstanding about digital marketing? "That it's the cheap alternative to doing TV, and that great digital experiences don't take time to craft, just as they do with analogue mediums," Lyman explained.

As for the next big thing in digital marketing, he says it is "already here -- mobile, or rather, mobility. What will change is how we use it, and what's technically possible on the device. As the tech evolves, so too, will the potential and opportunities of the space."

Effective immediately, Lyman is reporting to David Shearer, executive creative director, Publicis Modem San Francisco.

Before Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Lyman was at AKQA working on Xbox and Nike.

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