Bloomberg Blasts Comcast 'News Neighborhood' Changes


Finding TV news channels on your cable system is usually -- but not always -- in the same channel number neighborhood. Bloomberg TV says the status quo is changing, via FCC rules regarding Comcast taking over NBC Universal -- it has created a "news neighborhood" factor. And it concerns possible conflict with NBC's CNBC financial news channel.

For instance, Bloomberg says in Seattle cable systems, CNN, Headline News, CNBC, MSNBC and Fox News are on channels 35-39, but Bloomberg Television is on channel 103.

Comcast says Bloomberg has got it wrong. That it is prevented from repositioning CNBC favors it post-merger. In that regard, Comcast says it has not changed its lineup from pre-merger.

Bloomberg says: "The FCC's Order requires Comcast to include independent news channels, such as Bloomberg Television, in any news or business news neighborhoods in the channel lineups on Comcast's cable systems because of the "special importance of news programming to the public interest."

Bloomberg says it will file a complaint unless Comcast agrees to place Bloomberg TV in its existing "news neighborhoods" in 35 of the biggest markets within the next two months.



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