Kraft Mac & Cheese Offers 'Macsurance'


In an extension of its "You Know You Love It" campaign, launched last year, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is helping kids "protect" themselves against parents who sneak some of their Mac & Cheese by offering them "Macsurance."

The concept, based on make-believe "insurance" certificates (which come with coupons), builds off a core insight driving the larger campaign: Adults still love Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, but often feel that they have to enjoy it surreptitiously by sneaking bites while they're preparing or serving it to their kids.

The main awareness-driver for the effort is a humorous video ad that is being shown now through mid-July in major movie theater chains across the country as lead-ins to the summer's 13 biggest PG-rated blockbusters, as well as being featured on the brand's Facebook and YouTube pages.



The video, a parody of old-style commercials for various insurance products, shows a man in a business suit appearing in a family's kitchen just as a father is sneaking Mac & Cheese from his son's dinner plate.

The "insurance agent" figure announces, in a deadly serious tone: "Chances are you've probably had your Kraft Macaroni & Cheese stolen. Who can blame you for trusting the ones closest to you? Now there's a policy that covers you in the event of Macaroni & Cheese loss: Macsurance. If you have parents, you're at risk ..."

Brand fans age 18 and over (parents must be the direct participants, not their kids) who "like" the brand on Facebook and supply their names, postal and email addresses will receive their Macsurance certificates/coupons in the mail within six weeks.

In addition, movie-goers at the 13 films will receive the same "Macsurance" brochure, along with a business reply envelope, to get the same certificate and coupon in the mail.

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