Harry Potter Mounts The Digital Broomstick

  • June 24, 2011
J.K. Rowling "has created Pottermore, a free-to-use Web site taking readers right into Hogwarts, as a way of thanking her fans and paying them back for their contributions to the book." She says the site "will be a mix of social networking, gaming, and online literary content, which, apart from the downloading of e-books, is free to use."

Pottermore, which launches July 31 (Harry's birthday) for a "lucky few," will give fans "access to roam in Harry's world, to uncover back stories and other additional material written by Rowling from notes of hers from the time of first writing the stories as well as those written subsequently," writes The Financial Times. Rowling retains all digital rights to her work. --Thom Forbes

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