Adobe Builds On Search Marketing Tools

Adobe Systems continues to build up features in SearchCenter+ for marketers. The company recently launched a retail reporting feature for inventory management to activate keywords based on inventory status. The feature is managed through the platform's dashboard or user interface.

Knowing what's in stock can save brands money -- not only in terms of sales, but for search campaigns too. About 9% of sales are lost from out-of-stock inventory, said Tim Waddell, director of product marketing at Adobe, quoting industry stats that he agrees seem a bit low.

Aside from the ability to activate or deactivate keywords based on inventory availability, retailers or publishers have tools to generate campaigns automatically. Predictive modeling also remains on Adobe's product road map. "What happens if I change my keywords pricing or add new ones to the mix?" Waddell said. "It becomes more important when looking across search and display."

Most marketers focus on paid-search keywords, but when a consumer types a query into the search engine, they just want results. Knowing the nuances of organic search helps to hone paid-search campaigns. Some search marketers will have top keyword listings and low bounce rates that turn into high conversion rates, but not all.



Having the ability to alter paid-search listings based on organic search results increases performance.

Adobe Systems has been working on features such as tying together organic and paid-search results to support marketers. "Sixty-two percent of customers don't know the difference between paid and organic search listings," said Tim Waddell, director of product marketing at Adobe.

In March, Adobe released a new version of SearchCenter+ integrating search engine optimization data into paid-search marketing. The platform, supported by Omniture, and search firm Conductor, relies on Adobe Genesis to automate the ability to share data between the two companies.

Adobe acquired SearchCenter+ through the acquisition of Omniture, which has offered a version of the tools for about seven years. In 2005, Omniture integrated SearchCenter with its analytics tools. That version introduced rules to guide bidding, the ability to manage millions of keywords, and alerts and reports on suspicious click activities.

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