Cable Channel Produces New Reality Program

  • April 29, 2003
Sí TV, which launches as a cable channel in fourth quarter 2003, has announced it will produce a new comedy reality show, "Urban Jungle," set to premiere on the network. The reality show/social experiment "Urban Jungle," challenges 13 contestants (ages 18-25), who have been selected based on their social class and lack of exposure to urban elements, to compete against each other to survive in the barrio. The winner will receive $100,000. Sí TV is now seeking submissions from prospective contestants by May 13th. Prospective contenders should send a picture, resume and brief statement (300 words or less) as to why he/she could survive in a jungle in their own backyard, the "Urban Jungle." According to show creator and Sí TV co-founder and co-chairman Jeff Valdez, "The show will follow thirteen middle-to-upper class Anglo Preppies as they attempt a new existence in a multi-ethnic urban neighborhood where the players are forced to go without the cushy comforts of Internet-ready cell phones, Beemers or mommy and daddy's gold cards." Participants will leave their privileged lives behind as they reinvent themselves in cramped urban housing, while learning to use public transportation and survive on minimum wage jobs in the area. Each will be assigned a Padrino (Godfather), a local from the neighborhood, who will act as a lifeline and assume responsibility for showing them the ropes of the 'hood. Both employment and dating options will be affected by the rulebook of "Urban Jungle." At the end of each episode, the Padrinos will gather with the show host to "evict" a contestant from the 'hood. Decisions will be based on participants' accomplishments and attitudes. Valdez commented, "The show is a social experiment that reflects the wide discrepancy in the standard of living that exists in our country. However, while indirectly providing commentary on U.S. society, the program provides limitless humor and entertainment for the audience. Biff, Buffy and Chip, welcome to the barrio!"
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