Atlas DMT Launches Atlas Digital Marketing Suite 3.5

Atlas DMT, an advertising technology provider and operating unit of aQuantive, Inc. yesterday released Atlas 3.5, the latest version of its third party ad serving and campaign management platform, which includes over 100 key enhancements, and so far, advertiser feedback has been positive.

"Atlas DMT clearly listens to the most significant needs of its agency clients," said Edward McLoughlin, director of interactive media for ID Media. "The new Atlas Suite 3.5 features are targeted directly at addressing our most time consuming tasks - being able to provide customized reports that speak directly to the needs of our clients while saving our account teams hours of unnecessary work allows us to be more strategic, creative and analytical. The Atlas Suite gives us the freedom to focus on these core competencies instead of spending time with mundane tactical execution."

According to Karl Sibrecht, VP Strategy and Product Management at Atlas DMT, one of the most important enhancements are One-Click Custom Reporting, which acknowledges that the generation of compelling campaign results is an agency's life-blood and is central to successfully executing a media plan. "We've all heard horror stories about how many hours it can take to put these reports together," Sibrecht says, and this tool not only automates time consuming tasks like formatting and data entry, but also allows agencies to provide scalable custom reporting in the same amount of time it takes to generate a standard campaign report.



Atlas Suite 3.5 also aims to improve the agencies' bottom line by making campaign execution and management processes more efficient. New batch-changing capabilities have been added in order to save agencies hours of trafficking time, whether a media buyer needs to change 15 or 1500 ad placements during a client's campaign, Sibrecht says.

Only a day after the release, Sibrecht is already looking toward future enhancements. The goal, he says, is to "Automate the mundane tasks. There will be more of that."

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