Eyeblaster Adds New Features To Rich Media Platform

Rich media delivery and management provider Eyeblaster yesterday announced the latest additions to their technology platform: a new 100K politely-downloaded banner, as well as an enhanced expandable banner.

Company officials say this is one of the biggest industry improvements to flash banners since their inception and is a direct response to the desire of creative agencies to add more value to banner advertising by increasing interactivity.

"With Eyeblaster's new banner ads, we have redefined the perceptions of what is possible with rich media," said Gal Trifon, CEO of Eyeblaster. "The new solutions balance advertisers' increased creative needs with publishers' concerns about the effect of heavy content on page download speed. These new banners, added to Eyeblaster's existing formats, provide endless creative possibilities without sacrificing user experience."

Advertisers agree. Blair Shapiro, Creative Director of i-traffic, said for a recent campaign, the Eyeblaster platform "helped us speed up production, testing, tracking and optimization and made rich media easier to run."



Tom Goosmann, Executive Creative Director of True North Inc., also said that Eyeblaster's new features provide a potent new tool, that's "extremely rich, with more creative options, which eventually lead to more client wins." Goosmann said preliminary results for a Discover Magazine campaign are proving this point. "And by running all the formats through the Eyeblaster platform, we could access all the reporting in one place."

New features in the upgrade include:

  • 100K politely downloaded banner - The new rich media banner format allows up to 100K file sizes (standard banners typically 15K to 20K) and will not affect the loading speed of site pages, due to polite and sequential downloading, as well as Eyeblaster's proprietary file compression. As with all other formats, the 100K polite banner allows advanced event tracking and data capture.

  • Enhanced expandable banner - The expandable banner upgrade now includes support for multiple expanding Flash panels and is easier for agencies to develop and manage, and for publishers to run.

  • 300K window ad - This new 300K version of the current window ad format enables full support of rich media interstitial-type ad standards.

    Eyeblaster is also announcing Mac support for the interface and bandwidth detection. The Mac support enables designers who regularly use the Apple Macintosh system to create and manage ads using the Eyeblaster platform interface, as well as view live ads in preview mode. This feature means easier set-up and previewing, and eliminates the need to switch to a PC to set up an ad. The new bandwidth detection feature allows even better creative targeting of at-work vs. at-home users and enables the creation of richer ads for higher bandwidths without any loss of performance.

    According to Nielsen//NetRatings' AdRelevance service, Eyeblaster is the number one branded rich media platform in the industry, and represents more ad campaign impressions than any other branded rich media technology provider. Eyeblaster reached more than 717 million impressions, or 42.4% of the market, in 1st Quarter 2003, including 53% of all unique branded rich media ad units served.

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