Amana Intros An Idea: 'Life. Simplified.'


People have a lot going on in their lives, and many of them don't want to add more stress by endlessly researching appliance purchases online or in stores.

In a new, digitally focused marketing effort, Amana looks to ease some consumer stress, introducing the idea of "Life. Simplified." The heart of the campaign is an online shopping tool that helps consumers decide, in three clicks, the appliance that best fits their needs.

"Our target consumer really wants an appliance that's easy to use, but they also want an appliance that's easy to shop for," Carolyn Kelley, a senior brand manager for Amana, tells Marketing Daily. "We have always created our products to be easy to use and straightforward. What we've done now is we've created a campaign that simplifies researching and shopping for them."

The shopping tool, as well as in-store materials featuring QR codes, takes users to videos that focus more on how the appliances fit consumers' needs and less on specific product features and attributes. "They really communicate the essence of the Amana brand and tell [consumers] that they show how we simplify the life around them," Kelley says. "It's not a laundry list of features; it's more about the fact that any of our products is easy to understand."



The videos are available on Amana's YouTube channel and are also optimized for mobile and viewing through the company's iPhone app, so people can view them in the stores. Amana will promote its brand and the "Help Me Choose" feature via digital advertising, as well as through a Facebook sweepstakes, through which consumers are encouraged to post the things, times and/or anything else that makes their life easier.

"We're really making them think about that and associate it with our brand," Kelley says. "Once they're in there they'll be more aware of Amana and once we're in [awareness], we know they'll consider us."

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