ABC Milks BoxTop Media

An ABC rep firm has inked a deal to begin selling inventory on the sides of milk cartons. The agreement with BoxTop Media offers space on packages sold in about 50,000 stores, though campaigns can run in a subset.

ABC Regional Sports and Entertainment Sales has deals to sell other inventory, ranging from a network in 7-Eleven stores to signage in a Houston stadium to spots on a Philadelphia regional sports network. It also works on behalf of ESPN Radio's five-owned stations.

The group falls under the national sales operation for ABC's owned TV stations.

BoxTop has run campaigns for clients including General Mills, Kraft and Paramount. In the patchwork milk industry with multiple distributors and brands, the company has stitched together a National Milk Marketing Network that can run campaigns in thousands of stores.

The company also runs targeted campaigns, such as in a specific region or aimed at Hispanic consumers in markets like Los Angeles, Miami and southern Texas.

BoxTop bills its platform as a venue to reach mothers and find a direct path to the kitchen table.



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