Double Your Email Marketing CTR: Use Video.

Email marketers know that the subject line is key to achieving a high open rate, but getting the consumer to click relies on the power of the call to action. A few crucial inches of content will either entice readers to take an action, such as clicking a link or subscribing, or cause them to hit the delete button.

Email marketers looking to improve their click-through rate should use video. If content is king when it comes to email marketing, video content is the crown jewel.
Increase click-through, increase conversion
Video content in email is quickly becoming more of a standard than a trend. In the Implix 2010 Email Marketing Trends Survey, the number of marketers that plan to use video in email campaigns has increased five times since the beginning of 2009.
The customer who clicks a link in your email is already a hot target. You've got their attention, and they are eager to learn more. Congratulations -- your CTR has increased, and your email marketing metrics are looking good. Now, you've got to turn that click into actual ROI. Video sells. Online retailer saw a 44% increase in online sales conversions when using videos to showcase their products, per Internet Retailer, 2009.  

Including video content in your email
The reasons for including video in your email campaigns are clear. Forrester reports that video can double or triple email marketing CTR. Thus, businesses that use video are already two or three steps ahead of the competition.
Since video files can be large, it's best to include a thumbnail image of the video in the email. The image serves as the link that directs your readers to the landing page. Avoiding large files that may give subscribers trouble ensures that all email recipients can access the video by clicking on the linked photo.

The thumbnail should feature an enticing visual from the video and a play button, prompting your readers to click and view.  According to a report by Campaign Monitor, thumbnail images were clicked over five times more often than a text link. The image naturally attracts your readers and propels them to take action.

Dedicate your landing page to video
A video landing page is a Webpage containing video content created specifically for a campaign. Readers access this page by clicking a link in your email that directs them to the landing page.  You can choose for the landing page video to auto-play so readers don't have to click play a second time. Though auto-play is not always recommended, using it here works since the reader has already clicked on the video link and expects it to start.

Be sure to include a text link to the video landing page as well, since some email clients block images. This way, even those receiving the plain text version of your email will see the link and relevant text.
Using a video landing page also allows you to send your readers to a page affiliated with your company, giving them a complete branded experience. Some video players have add to cart or buy now buttons that make it easy to move from viewing the video to purchase. With this method, you'll be able to track your subscribers as they access the video and dig deeper into your site, while avoiding emails with huge video files attached.
Use video on an existing landing page
Another option is to use video as a supplement on your landing page without having a thumbnail image in your email. If you choose to send text-only emails, your videos will still be accessible on your landing page. This method is better if you want to have multiple videos associated with the same email. Increase sales volume by using this page to feature related or supplemental products. The L2 Specialty Retail Report stated that videos on retail sites were responsible for increasing the average ticket amount by 13%.

The purpose of email marketing is ultimately to create relationships with your subscribers, whether starting a conversation or converting them into customers. Including video in your emails will increase CTR and separate you from competitors by providing a richer interaction. Coupled with the fact that video increases conversion rates, email marketing that uses video will see greater ROI.
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  1. James Ray, July 27, 2011 at 10:27 a.m.

    IMHO one of the best technologies for doing this kind of video engaged marketing is the Flash Interactive Marketing Platform (FLIMP). Search on Flimp Media for more info.

  2. James Ray, July 27, 2011 at 10:29 a.m.

    IMHO one of the best technologies for doing this kind of video engaged marketing is the Flash Interactive Marketing Platform (FLIMP). Search on Flimp Media for more info.

  3. Tony Mena from Mena's Video Email Services, July 30, 2011 at 12:29 p.m.

    Video Email is helping companies build and increase loyal customers, reduce advertising cost, and develop quality sales. When a video is emailed to your customer base your open and click rates can improve by 3X.

  4. Scott Whitney, August 6, 2011 at 12:10 a.m.

    Video email is definitely a powerful tool for organizations of all sizes. Open and click through rates soar.

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