Pulse 360 To Kick Off New Ad Retargeting Efforts

Contextual ad shop Pulse 360 on Wednesday is expected to debut a new suite of ad retargeting capabilities across its various ad platforms.

As a result, the company says clients can expect increased conversions and higher ROI as retargeted ads bring back customers who have already expressed interest in the advertiser via prior site visits.

"Retargeting has quickly become a very powerful and important marketing tactic for many advertisers because, quite simply, it works," said Jaan Janes, Pulse 360 CEO.

The company will offer retargeting with what it calls "flexible pricing models," but with an emphasis on cost-per-click. Advertisers will only pay when they get repeat site traffic through clicks.

Pulse 360 is hoping that its new retargeting tools will draw interest from a range of advertisers, given its existing relationships.

"The ability to reconnect with customers who have already spent time with an advertiser Web site delivers on the promise of intent across the spectrum from prospect to loyal customer," Janes added. "Our company sees opportunities to develop retargeting media tactics for virtually any advertiser in any category, going well beyond the work being done today in retail."



Ad categories include companies that are looking for direct and immediate results, such as retail and lead generation, as well as companies in the B-to-B space with higher consideration and longer lead-time sales. Brands such as automotive advertisers that want to build a persistent, scheduled point of contact with customers can use tactics in display advertising similar to e-mail lists or even direct mail.

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