One To One Connect Manages Social Content For Marketers

Social media management systems continue to rise in the ranks of must-have platforms to support and manage disparate social campaigns. Boston-based One to One Connect has launched MessageMaker Social to assist marketers in publishing, managing and measuring local and targeted content to fans and followers across a variety of social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

MessageMaker has similar traits to a content management system, such as the ability to manage content, publish and analyze its performance. But rather than publish to Web sites, it publishes to thousands of social accounts across numerous networks.

It more closely resembles a platform with the ability to message and target content to defined interest groups -- similar to email -- whereas a CMS typically does not have that type of targeting feature, explains Steve Spencer, senior vice president of strategic technologies at One to One.

On the back end, One to One supports integration with the social networks. Data collection continually occurs through APIs. Spencer said that integration will increase in importance, as many of its products and features for both mobile and computer will be built on APIs.



"Today, this is done by gathering metrics specific to the accounts we manage," Spencer said. "Page metrics, DMs, @s and more are pulled into various reporting formats, as well as analyzed for key phrase data."

One to One competes with Hearsay Social, Socialware and Expion, as well as Buddy Media, which manages social content from Facebook -- not Twitter, LinkedIn and others. The company plans to push its way in to offer additional reporting features and services to help marketers leverage social media.

MessageMaker Social aids marketers in growing the number of Facebook Fans and Twitter followers while increasing engagement with targeted content through social triggers based on geographic, sales or product interest. The company also suggests that it helps to ensure brand compliance and consistency across all company Web site pages and accounts, while personalizing and serving up dynamic content.

Reporting and analytics features provide greater insight into customer and employee activities and provide visibility across all social media channels, helping to make the most of content, campaigns and connections.


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