Searching For Beach Bunny Advocates On Facebook


Beach Bunny swimwear, a luxury swimwear brand that has been growing in popularity since launching in 2004, turned to Clearsearch Media, a boutique agency that relied on Marin Software to build the brand's Facebook community, as well as online and offline sales. 

Paul Langtry, managing director at Clearsearch, began supporting Beach Bunny's search campaigns six months ago to manage bids across Google, Bing and Yahoo, but moved to support social through Marin's social platform geared toward Facebook after analyzing the potential for the campaign.

The first social campaign focused on introducing consumers to the brand. The campaign then moved to targeting friends of Fans because they would likely have similar tastes in clothing and brands. Clearsearch tapped Facebook's ad platform Sponsored Stories to give the brand credibility.



Marin's Creative Rotation tools automate the process of rotating copy and images, eliminating ad fatigue by continually serving up new ads for those interested in Beach Bunny bikinis. "It enabled us to maintain a consistent number of impressions without doing it manually," Langtry said.

Clearsearch managed to increase daily purchases on Beach Bunny's Web site by 120% through the Facebook campaign. The agency tracked through analytics the people who bought at a significantly higher rate. In the past there were five people buying per day, but the campaign increased sales between 11% and 12% daily.

Beach Bunny had about 15,000 Fans when Clearsearch began supporting the brand's Facebook page in April. In the first two weeks of the campaign, the daily rate of new Fans rose from 18 to 116, and page views from 310 to 1,381 views per day. This U.S.-focused campaign now targets consumers in specific regions, with an attempt to drive Facebook check-ins at its brick-and-mortar locations.

Langtry said the Beach Bunny Facebook campaign achieves better return on investment compared with search. "Campaigns can't have the same focus all the time. It's important to track return on investment, but more important to build a conversation with consumers and get them to become brand advocates," he said. "A Fan is only as valuable as the time they spend on your page and the number of friends they have, too."

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