Top Ten

Top Ten Things I Hate About Cold Calls from Media Reps:

  1. 10) When you return their call, they don't remember who you are.

  2. They don't know what your product is.

  3. No matter what you say, or how you say it, they won't let you off the phone.

  4. They invoke the client they cold-called 5 minutes ago by first name, "I just spoke with Jim, and he suggested I contact you..."

  5. If they actually do know Jim, remind you by saying "I know Jim is golfing in the Hamptons this week, so I thought I'd call you directly."

  6. They are deliberately vague in describing their product or service (internet reps are the worst offenders).

  7. They believe they have a "right" to know your media/marketing budget.

  8. They attack your current strategy and delve into a negative sell of their competition.

  9. Instead of introducing themselves and explaining what their company does and how they can support your business, they play 20 questions regarding your marketing plans.

  10. When you politely decline, they say, "So you're not interested in... generating quality leads / reaching qualified consumers / improving your ROI / communicating to the (insert ethnic or minority group name here) community... for your client?"
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