The Weather Channel Reopens Online Store

  • May 13, 2003
Weather enthusiasts can now shop at The Weather Channel's online store that provides authentic merchandise from one of the world's most-recognized cable brands.

The Weather Channel store, which was developed and is maintained through a partnership with FanBuzz, features jackets, T-shirts, polo shirts and caps featured the company's logo. The store also features weather-related merchandise in the travel, home/outdoors and safety/adventure category. And there are also special items, such as a replica of a Coast Guard cutter similar to the ones seen recently on Storm Stories, a replica of an 18th century Astroblatum, and a Birdsong IdentifFlyer that helps observers identify birds by their songs.

"The Weather Channel has strong brand equity as evidenced by very loyal and enthusiastic viewers who frequently request merchandise associated with The Weather Channel. Through The Weather Channel Store, they can access a wide variety of merchandise," said Wonya Lucas, EVP/marketing at The Weather Channel.

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