General Sentiment Matches Viewers To Fave TV Brands


Media research company General Sentiment is offering analysis to TV marketers which match viewers with TV brands they talk about. The Jericho, N.Y.-based company says with social analytics, its TV Brand Match technology can match product brands for any TV network or program. Greg Artzt, CEO of General Sentiment, states: "Understanding the size or demographics of a television audience is only half the battle. The other half is understanding what these viewers actually care about."

The company says its technology starts by choosing either a network and corresponding television show or an industry, brand and product. Then it can view possible matches based on recommendations for a show or brand based on fans' common interests and online activity.

General Sentiment says that historically, the benchmark for determining the reach and cost for these ad spots has been controlled for decades by Nielsen.

"The only products in the industry that come close to General Sentiment's TV Brand Match are survey-based studies like Simmons and MRI, which have been around for decades. But that's history .... It's too slow, too expensive and too small a sample," said Artzt.



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