MediaMind, Impossible Partnership Moves Dynamic Video Ads Toward In-Game Model


MediaMind Technologies has partnered with Impossible Software to offer in-stream video ads from TV ads. The partnership enables MediaMind to extend its video capabilities with real-time in-stream and in-banner video offerings.

Marketers can update and distribute creative video messages based on any combination of time of day, geographic, behavioral or demographic data. Ads are dynamically optimized and personalized with prices, store locations and marketing messages.

For instance, BMW might serve up an ad in an online video based on a television commercial to a consumer in Los Angeles. In the ad it might suggest several dealerships based on location. Advertisers can also modify video ads with dynamic 3D product placements within the clip. Not having dynamic video requires hours of manual labor, putting a strain on agencies to convert TV ads into online video quickly.



Similar to in-game video ads, advertisers can have the dynamic video ads placed into billboards in a street scene in a music video or a television screen hanging on the wall in a restaurant, for example.

The offering provides advertisers the ability to target dynamic video ads for in-stream video placement to consumers similar to still display ads on a Web page. It relies on MediaMind's Smart Versioning creative optimization tool and Realtime Video Server from Impossible Software, Hamburg, Germany. Through the combined tools advertisers create customized video ads that include text, images, sound and video at runtime.

Boaz Ram, senior manager for product planning at MediaMind, said without the combined technologies using video to target consumers with in-stream ads would not be possible. "Companies would need 10,000 versions of the same ad to get as many versions required to precisely serve-up the best ads at the perfect time," he said.

Video advertising is growing faster than all other online ad formats, and this year eMarketer estimates online video will surpass rich media in terms of ad spending. U.S. online video advertising spend will grow 52.1% to $2.16 billion, up from $1.42 billion last year, when the video ad market grew 39.6%, according to the research firm.

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  1. Jackie Kmetz from SpaceCurve, August 24, 2011 at 1:44 p.m.

    This is really an impressive move into the personalization of online ad content. From the advertiser perspective this is the perfect way to hone in on that exact target market with the most tailored of messages. As a future ad recipient myself though, I wonder how the consumers will read it. My first thought is that previously static (translation: calm) web pages will become a flurry of activity with clips starting the moment you visit them. Will that turn off the casual, relaxed web browser or the older demographic? My second thought is more a curiousity into how much bandwidth these streaming ads will take--will they slow down the web experience for those on slower connections? No matter what, it will be fun to see how creative the ads get!

  2. Dan Greenberg from Impossible Software, GmbH, September 13, 2011 at 3:28 p.m.

    @Jackie -- The answer to your first question is really up to the publishers, advertisers and their agencies. All have a vested interest in getting the ad noticed... and all have a vested interest making sure that they do not "turn off" any segment. It's a fine and evolving line, but we're confident that the pros understand it.

    In terms of the bandwidth for the ads -- the video we generate uses the same compression protocols as current video ads and therefore the same amount of bandwidth. All of the customization of the video content occurs before the compression and transmission of the video and thus does not affect the bandwidth to the viewer.

    We're excited to be working with MediaMind -- we hope you like the results when you see them!

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