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Opportunity: Find Right Formula For Body Lotion


Manufacturers of a body lotion that leaves skin feeling moisturized yet not sticky or greasy would have the field pretty much to themselves as a new report finds that most people who use hand or body lotion are not happy with the products in the marketplace.

Mintel's latest study reveals that despite marketing claims of long-lasting, non-greasy formulas, satisfaction levels for hand and body lotion are "well below par."

Among lotion-wearers, 79% wish hand and body lotion lasted longer, while nearly half often feel like they still have dry skin -- even right after applying the lotion, says the report. In addition, 38% of users think hand lotions are too greasy and 37% often feel like lotions leave their skin feeling sticky. All in all, some 3 in 10 people say they still have not found a product that works for them.



"Satisfaction levels for body and hand lotions are well below par," notes Molly Maier, senior analyst at Mintel, in a statement. "This provides manufacturers with an opportunity, since despite being unhappy with their selections, the majority of adults still uses body care products on a daily basis and will try different brands and formulations until they're happy with one."

While most use moisturizers for the face, hands, body or feet, product usage is greatest for hand lotion (84%) and lowest for foot creams (63%). More than 40% of all adults use hand and face lotions almost daily and more than half use them more than three days a week, says Mintel. It seems that while the frequency of use is relatively high, the need is greater.

Not surprisingly, when it comes to body care products, gender differences are significant. Men (42%) are significantly more likely than women (7%) to say they "never use" body lotion. "By educating men on the skin-damaging effects that come from the sun and environment it could help increase usage among this group," Maier concludes.

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