Key 18-34s Watch TV Via Mobile

There has been considerable talk about a generation accustomed to watching TV on laptops forgoing a traditional cable subscription. How about the remote control? Could millennials usher in the downfall of that techno wonder?

A survey conducted under the aegis of Boston-based media consulting group Altman Vilandrie & Co. shows that 41% of 18-to-34s would rather use a smartphone, tablet or computer keyboard to switch channels or program the DVR than the traditional handheld device.

"Instead of the age-old argument about who holds the TV remote, families will soon be squabbling over whose smartphone is controlling the TV," stated Altman Vilandrie Director Jonathan Hurd.

Altman Vilandrie noted that a would-be decline of the remote control -- which would come at a time when the devices are critical for interactive advertising -- is one potential impact of 18-to-34s bringing new behaviors to TV viewing.

Just one-third of the group said they "watch TV shows during the normal broadcast time on a daily basis," compared to 58% for those ages 35 plus.



Also, "cord shaving" -- a term for spending less time with cable -- is on the rise. Usage of online and mobile viewing is up -- as 20% said they spend less time with cable than they used to because of online video, up from 15% last year.

"Consumers are removing the shackles of the traditional prime-time TV lineup and creating their own personal networks of preferred programming and viewing times," stated Hurd.

The survey, conducted by Research Now for Altman Vilandrie, also found that 11% of smartphone owners in the 18-to-34 segments watch TV shows and movies on mobile phones daily.

Cable operators, however, may be able to leverage the popularity of HD to hold onto younger subscribers. The survey showed that 75% of 18-to-24s are "bothered by a lack of HD."

Research Now canvassed 1,000-plus U.S. consumers in July for the results.

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