Heineken Takes Spot To Theaters, Partners With IFC

Heineken USA is taking "The Date" to theaters nationwide and partnering with the IFC Network for a show that details the making of the long-form spot.

The spot debuted on YouTube earlier this year and has garnered more than 8 million views. The cinema launch is supported with an out-of-home campaign where the creative is in the style of blockbuster movie posters.

The 90-second spot will debut on network TV during Sunday Night Football on NBC on Sept. 18, and 60-second and 30-second versions will air nationwide this fall.

The brand is targeting males ages 21-34, "honing in on the Multicultural Millennial market segment," says Lesya Lysyj, chief marketing officer, Heineken USA.

"More specifically, however, the campaign appeals to the upscale, progressive 'man of the world,'" Lysyj tells Marketing Daily.

The lead character in the spot represents the ultimate example of how to act in situations "where we know our enthusiasts want to demonstrate their confidence, resourcefulness and ability to navigate any social situation -- such as when making an entrance at a party or going on a date," she says. "This feeling of worldliness and assurance resonates with our target consumers around the globe, and we feel the cinema provides a unique and superior medium through which to tell our story to a captive audience."



During the exclusive TV partnership with IFC Network, "The Legendary Making of 'The Date'" will run in full during the channel's "Featured Feature" program, where viewers will get an insider's look into the commercial's creation. IFC Network will run the 90-second version of "The Date" beginning Sept. 28.

"The Date" is the second film in the "Open Your World" campaign. Created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, the high-energy spot follows the hero as he woos his stunning date during an epic journey.

Many consumers have formed an emotional tie to the characters in "The Entrance" and "The Date," Lysyj says. "We wanted to continue to build this sentiment offline in a meaningful way.

"The ad's high cinematic quality and character-driven story make the big screen a natural extension to our marketing plan, and we think its confident, worldly hero will resonate well with an audience who is looking to be inspired and entertained."

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