1-800-Dentist Puts Teeth In $50 Million Campaign


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1-800-Dentist is launching three TV spots as part of its $50 million 2011 consumer advertising campaign.

The spots use humorous real-life vignettes involving friends, family and co-workers to show that 1-800-Dentist is the best and most reliable way to find the perfect dentist. They can also be viewed on the Los Angeles-based company's YouTube channel.

"Our plan is to continue to run a strong schedule of national television, coupled with spot market support in our larger demand DMAs," said a spokesperson for the dental profession's lead-generation company.

The new series of humorous 30-second spots (and shorter lifts of the same) began airing last week. It is the latest example of the company's increasing investment in prime-time network and cable television advertising to provide its member dentists with quality new patient leads.



The spots use the tagline "Because sometimes your family is useless." One spot features mother/daughter banter where the mother is more interested in fixing her daughter up with a single podiatrist she knows than helping her find a dentist.

"We think that the slightly irreverent 'useless' tagline has some great social media possibilities," says 1-800-Dentist company President Michael Turner, in a release. "It has a real shot at becoming a popular culture catchphrase."

The commercials were created by Santa Monica, Calif.-based Secret Weapon Marketing. This is the first time in 1-800-Dentist's 25-year history that the company has partnered with an external creative team. Secret Weapon Marketing makes it a practice to handle a maximum of three clients at one time.

"We're upping our game," said 1-800-Dentist founder and long-time company spokesperson Fred Joyal. "We're increasing our TV spending to record levels to promote dentistry and attract even more new patients for our members."

1-800-Dentist made a special "guest appearance" on the Aug. 21 and 28 episodes of HBO's "True Blood" as an exhibitor in a scene taking place at a "vampire convention." The appearance was meant to illustrate the company's innovative way of showing millions of viewers that the Los Angeles-based dental marketer understands that everyone -- including vampires -- needs dental care. The driving theme behind the tongue-in-cheek campaign was, "We have a stake in your dental health."

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