Marriott's Fairfield Inn Says 'Let's Get It Done'


Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott is launching a multifaceted ad campaign including a return to TV after a six-year hiatus.

Creative is intended to demonstrate the ways business travelers can depend on the hotels to stay productive on the road and simplify their lives. The campaign -- featuring the tagline "Let's Get it Done" -- includes home video ads, cable TV placements, online video and paid search. TV will run in both 30- and 15-second versions as well as a Spanish-language version.

Cable TV buys include The Weather Channel and online placements include,, Bloomberg, and, as well as the Delta In-flight network and CNN Airport Network.

Kathleen Coney, director, brand marketing, Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott, shares some insight about the campaign with Marketing Daily:



Q: Why did you decide to return to TV after a six-year hiatus? Why now?

A: We felt it was critical to tell the story about the brand in an emotionally engaging way and we know TV/video is one of the best vehicles to drive home that sort of message. The brand is Marriott International's fastest-growing brand in North America, so we believed it was important to showcase the brand in the most impactful way.

Q: Who is Fairfield Inn targeting with this effort and is it a different target than previous efforts?

A: The target audience is the frequent business traveler known as the "Resourceful Achiever." They are the real unsung heroes of business travel. They are unselfish conscientious performers who have an innate sense of responsibility and accountability to do a good job -- both to themselves and others who depend on them. They are out there to do their absolute best. For their company and for their own sense of accomplishment. They are self-sufficient and resourceful. They are highly pragmatic and know what they need from a hotel to ensure that they are able to be productive on the road. This is not a new target for the brand, but we are reaching them in a new way, with a more emotionally engaging campaign.

Q: What is Fairfield Inn's current demographic, and are you hoping to expand it with the new effort?

A: The current demographic is a mix of value-conscious frequent business travelers (predominantly males, higher-income and education level) and leisure travelers. With this new effort, we are not expanding the current demographic, but telling the story of Fairfield Inn & Suites (FIS) in a new way that may appeal to value-conscious travelers who may not normally consider staying at FIS.

Q: I'm wondering if you can talk a little about the tagline. What was Fairfield Inn's previous tagline? What is the new tagline meant to evoke?

A: The previous tagline was "Staying is Believing." We evolved the campaign and the tagline in an effort to share the message that when there's a lot riding on our guests' shoulders, there's a lot riding on ours, and we're in it together. The new tagline "Let's Get it Done" is meant to evoke a call to action -- we know there's a lot to get done when our target is traveling for business. We share that responsibility and accountability. We are a team, in it together, supporting our business travelers on the road whether it's with helpful 24/7 staff, free Wifi or free breakfast.

Q: Where else will the spots be aired (channels/programming) besides the Weather Channel?

A: The campaign is integrated across impactful video channels: The Weather Channel, CNN Airport Network, Delta in-flight, online video, USA and mobile sites, via iAd.

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