Bing Spins 'Gossip Girl' Promo


As it launches its new season this week, CW has sold access to its tagline. Search engine Bing is running a promotion with the network that spins its "TV to Talk About" line into "TV to Bing About."

The effort is a natural for a search engine, looking to plug Microsoft's Bing as the venue to discover more about shows or characters. A slew of short videos (attached to every show) with cast and crew have been developed to allow for a deeper dive, CW said.

The content will run on the network during the respective shows' season debuts and online in longer form on Microsoft properties, such as and entertainment site Wonderwall, as well as CW's Web site.

The Bing search bar will also appear on the lower-third portion of the screen during shows, along with "teaser ads" for the shorts.

In some videos, cast members are answering questions submitted via social media outlets. Videos with behind-the-scenes looks feature "Ringer" star Sarah Michelle Gellar and "Hart of Dixie's" Rachel Bilson, plus "Gossip Girl" costume designer Eric Daman.



Also this week, CBS is looking to drum up interest in its new season with Twitter and Facebook, where the network is making a 15-minute video about the new season available on its Web site.

At various times, users can access live chats through those sites with executive producers such as Gary Glasberg of "NCIS" and Bruno Heller and Chris Long of "The Mentalist."

Next week, stars and crew members will tweet live during their shows and fans can send in questions.

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