Campbell Launching 35 Products This Fall

  • September 16, 2011
Campbell Soup Company has announced that it will launch 35 new soup and sauces products this fall -- seven times the number launched last year. The push reflects a "renewed focus on innovation," according to the company.

In soups, launches will include five new "better than homemade" Slow Kettle Style varieties; four new regionally inspired Select Harvest varieties; and eight new Healthy Request varieties.

Campbell will also launch two 50-ounce, family-size cans of Chunky  soup, which can be poured over rice or mashed potatoes to create a family meal; three new Swanson Flavor Boost concentrated broth products in easy-to-use packets for skillet dishes or stir fries; and two new unsalted Swanson stocks developed for people who want to add rich beef or chicken flavor without adding salt.

In the Italian sauces category, four new sauces will be added to the Wolfgang Puck brand. In addition, the Prego sauce line will enter a new category with two pizza sauces, and will add a lower-calorie Prego Light Smart sauce.

In the Mexican sauce category, two new Pace Mexican sauces will launch: Restaurant-Style salsa, a smoother blend than classic Chunky Salsa, and Salsa con Queso, a smooth cheese sauce that pours directly from the jar.



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