Cellular South To Become C Spire

  • September 23, 2011
Regional cellular company Cellular South is rebranding itself as C Spire, touting a more personalized approach to wireless services.

The name change, which takes effect Sept. 26, is meant to reflect a change in the way the company provides its services to customers, including personalization of apps and content that fits their needs and personalities. The new service will be powered by a proprietary system called Pulse that enables the company to better understand the relationship with this customers.

The newly rebranded company will also begin offering a new loyalty program, called Percs, which will reward customers for actions as diverse as sharing their views on the company's community social forum, joining its "Scout" app personalization program and loyalty. Store signage and online branding will be changed over the weekend to reflect the name change, according to company CEO Hu Meena.

The name C Spire came from the company's new focus on customers (the "C" in the name) and the inspiration they get from customers. In a call with reporters, Meena said the decision to drop the regionalization of "south" from its name had less to do with geography than with vision for the future.

"We wanted a name that broadened our horizons and didn't limit us with regard to what we can do in this business," Meena said.--Aaron Baar



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