Audi A6 Takes Over Jersey City In FX Original TV Series


Audi, which launched its campaign for the A6 this month with creative that shows the roads as they really are, is now focusing on fantasy with the show, "Untitled Jersey City Project."

Stayed tuned for eight 2-minute episodes airing during FX's Sunday prime-time movies and at

The program will comprise 16-minute drama shorts where the 2012 A6 is a central prop and character, driven by the protagonist. Audi says the first two episodes premiere Sept. 25, with the rest airing over four consecutive weeks.

Audi says the films, produced by Audi's Studio Progress Films, will appear as fragments of a television series or film, with each film adding a new critical piece of information about the plot focused on an architectural firm with a nefarious secret.

The shows -- directed by Daniel Minahan, who directed "True Blood" and "Game of Thrones," involves the real estate business operation in a Jersey City, where the waterfront prickles with new high-rise projects.



The Web site shows the teaser, which opens with one of the characters falling to his death from the top floor of an unfinished building. The protagonist suspects something is amiss, jumps out of bed with his girlfriend, leaps into his Audi A6 and heads to the site. In the process, the car's exterior and interior -- including the navigation system -- gets a lot of attention.

The Web site has various clues about the mystery, as well as variations on the story line and various characters. The site also has the screenplay for the show, which is intended as a work in progress, with a consumer participation element where site visitors can suggest titles of the series.

The effort launched in cinemas last week and received some spotlight on the Emmy Awards, where Audi teased the series.

The traditional ad campaign takes a more left-brain approach, touting the A6 as a solution for navigating America's crumbling infrastructure.

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  1. Thomas Siebert from BENEVOLENT PROPAGANDA, September 26, 2011 at 2:42 p.m.

    Wow. They fooled me. I actually thought it was a tease for a new FX series when I saw it during "Taken" over the weekend. It looked more compelling than a lot of the new fall series, frankly.


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