Do People Still Want Their MTV?

Leading off the afternoon keynotes at OMMA Global, is Dermot McCormack, EVP, Digital Media, MTV Networks. McCormack laid out his 3 pillars for the evolving future of creating content for new platforms: building authority, curate and provide context to what you do. Given the array of media options online—31 million video streams, 200 million tweets per day—it's critical for publishers to establish themselves as an authority in a given area. MTV has long been a hub for music, but how does it remain relevant on the Web?

McCormack said the network has updated or reinvented assets including the VMAs and by bringing back its 120 Minutes program hosted by Matt Pinfield. Remember him, the bald dude with the inside dope on new music? Instead of just TV, these properties have been plugged into social media to leverage their influence and pump up buzz around events like the VMAs.

When it comes to curation, MTV relies on experts, crowds and algorithm-based input to help guide music choices and serve as a tastemaker. That includes starting a Music Meter to track the top 100 trending bands, and MTV Hive, which featuring expert reviews and discussion.

Context comes in the form of articles, and other content surrounding videos like Jay-Z's and Kanye West's collaboration on "Otis." While the video could be found across the Web, MTV believes it provided the most context around it.

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